About Us

Le Connaisseur was established in 2016, it was conceived as an exclusive concept store that was born out of decades of expert understanding of the wine culture in Nigeria. At Le Connaisseur, the wine lover is drawn into a world of wine with an array of wines from 4 continents spanning from Australia and New Zealand to South America, the USA and Europe. We also partner with some of the most prestigious wines and spirits houses to give the wine lover (the Connaisseur) an experience via

  • Offering wine tastings and advocacy in an experiential environment with visiting sommeliers from the various wine houses
  • Collaborations with prestigious luxury brands
  • Quarterly high net-worth individual (HNI) networking events

Le Connaisseur also carries a range of exclusive crystal glassware from the world’s number 1 glassmaker – Riedel Group (which include varietal specific glasses, decanter sets, cigar ash traysflower vases). Le Connaisseur is a one stop wine concept store where you can find all you desire where high end wines, spirits and glassware is concerned.