Moet & Chandon MC III 75cl


Producer: MOET & CHANDON
Alcohol Volume: 0.12
Bottle Size: 75 CL
Origin: FRANCE

  • region: CHAMPAGNE

The complex fragrance reveals itself gradually, layer by layer, as families of aromas seamlessly follow one another in smooth succession. First come mature, darker, warm, sweet notes of coffee, malt, mocha, praline, licorice, Tonka bean, pecan, ripened wheat and Viennese pastry. Subsequently the wine’s rich, intense fruitiness comes to the fore with nuances of citrus peel, citron, kumquat, bergamot and verbena. The final aromas are mineral-tinged, redolent of flint and the iodine scent of the sea, along with dry toasted notes. On the palate, the maturity and richness are first evidenced by a dynamic expansiveness, a sensation of silky opulence. The wine is both full-bodied and delicate, dense and lithe, imposing and elegant. A form of controlled power, evocative of a thoroughbred stallion, progressively releases itself, channeled and guided by the structure of the champagne. Fruitiness is expressed in notes of candied citrus fruits, stone fruits (plums and nectarines), dried figs and dates along with warm spices (vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.) The wine evolves toward a precise, mineral finish, with a slightly bitter saltiness that is refreshing and invigorating.

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